“All of the human races were created with an undeniable will to defy the circumstances of birth and the auspices of nature, and rise to a height reserved for the forgotten gods. We are just the one who have clasped hands and lowered shoulders, so that by standing on the shoulders of our fellows, we may all take turns grasping the sun.” Maik Krieger, First Alienist in Service of the Republic



Alvanen, the most numerous race on the continent of Korvast, are a light skinned people who rarely exceed 6 feet in height with men averaging around 5’6” and women 5’2”. Their hair tends towards dark colors and they keep it trimmed in the latest fashion. Their features range but they seem to always convey a certain imperious heir is almost part of their very lifeblood.

With what nature has given the Alvanen they have sought to improve to the very limits of their ability. They dress in the fashion that most affords always with a keen eye to how they appear to others. Personal worth is a constant pecking order, and to avoid demeaning oneself in the eyes of one’s fellows, a constant effort must be made to continually exude an aura of self-command and external power.



It is said that an Alvanen wrote the book on the etiquette that all should abide by, and Alvanen certainly believe this statement to be true. Most Alvanen pride themselves on their manners, especially to peers and superiors. They make special effort to pick exactly the right word in every situation in a manner that can often seem superior to others but comes from a history where respect must be carefully maintained among all those encountered. The trick to getting to the heart of an Alvanen is engaging their curiosity and expanding their current pool of knowledge. In a life of confining custom, what an Alvanen truly craves is the unexpected.



The Alvanen republic was a great structure supplanting spirituality with philosophical understanding. The superstitions of the past were set aside in the racing pursuit for greater understanding. Since the fall of the republic, many forms of belief have flourished in the south. The two primary beliefs are the Saraten Church, an evangelical group wishing to save humanity from drowning in the rivers of hubris; and the Ghost Pantheon, a revival of the worship of certain powerful apparitions that now walk among us with greater power than ever before.


Concerning the Haunted:

The Haunted are figures of superstition in even the most open minded Alvanen settlements. The Saraten Church openly persecutes Haunted as harbingers of the end. The believers in the Ghost Pantheon are more accepting but quick to turn on a Waking Dreamer if they believe she will subvert the will of the spirits with her strange powers. Most of the common folk fall between these two extremes and the majority would like to see anyone with such peculiar gifts departing with the greatest haste possible.

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