Tavern Tales

The Torch and the Fang

Two days ago, when Tesarla was full and bright in the sky, the body of young Raina Laar was discovered after a search of the Kalenwald. Raina was supposed to be tucked into her bed, safe from the horrors of the outside world behind strong walls and a solid lock. While the official word is that she sneaked out of her home only to be discovered by some forest beast, others point to her new stepmother, Lioba, only a few years older than the girl and no stranger to criminal accusations.


Hunters of Men

Recently a pair of bounty hunters have been staying at Rule’s Tavern, apparently tasked by Deadhand to retrieve the hermit Volkard, an infrequent visitor of Kodim who hasn’t been seen in well over a month. Unwilling to discuss their reasons for hunting the man, the two have been asking a lot of questions and have publicly threatened the reeve herself. They have made it clear that they will not be leaving until they find Volkard, dead or alive, and if they can’t find him in a timely manner, Maddox will send a whole squad to scour the place.


Impure Thoughts

After the previous Saraten cleric took leave of his senses, a new young priest, Siegmund Reiter, has arrived to preach to the people of Kodim and care for his ailing predecessor. His handsome features and affable attitude has not gone unnoticed, and in his short tenure, he has already been accused of being far too attentive to some of the married women of the town. Meanwhile: others are less concerned about his dalliances and more worried about the steep decline in health of Manfred. The holy man had some signs of dementia before Siegmund arrived, but now he is rarely seen and seems to have become completely mute.


Persons of Interest


Rosaline Weiss, Reeve of Kodim

The keeper of the peace has been a controversial figure since she first took the position at a young age. Barely into her second decade when she was first appointed, Rosalind quickly proved herself to have more sense and determination than others twice her age. Rosalind is well known for her skill as a marksman and her head for strategy when it comes to defending the town. She is quick to discipline any member of the watch who does not live up to her strict standard. However, now in her early 30s, her body has begun to prematurely fail her for some unknown reason and she has started to experience fits that has caused her to delegate many of her former duties.


Eamonn, Blacksmith

Nobody seems to remember a time when Eamonn did not attend to the forge of Kodim. Now ancient by anyone’s measure, he is still tireless in his duties and can be heard all hours of the day hammering away at one project or another. Eamonn is not just trusted for his skill with iron but is also looked to for wisdom, and is often the deciding voice for disputes between townsfolk. As much of a fixture as the Luthander is, nobody seems to know much about his past or why he left the north. He avoids any such questions and seems to want little to do with any of his fellow northerners

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