Hallowtide is a dark fantasy setting taking place on Voyrune 33 years after an event called The Rising saw the once glorious Alvanen Republic torn apart by an army of the hungering dead. Now, the great hordes of the fallen may be a thing of the past, but the veil that separates this world and the afterlife has been forever wrent and foul undying things hunt the last isolated human settlements. Still, there is some hope left as the players take on the role of Haunted, humans who have been gifted with the ability to perceive and forge pacts with departed souls. It is only be uniting theses champions of today with the buried heroes of the past that humanity has any hope for a future.

Setting: These articles serve to explore the history, geography, magic and peoples of Voyrune.

Cypher: My design thoughts as I adapt the Cypher System for Hallowtide

Bestiary: These are creature entries designed for the Cypher System.

Penny Dreadful: These are the player handouts I prepare for my ongoing Hallowtide campaign set in the northern town of Kodim.